Shahnameh Mens
Name Viseh
Position Lieutenant general
Minister was Pashang
Leader Turkan
Other Information
Well known Trapping the Nowzar family
Participation in Iran-Turan war
Religion Zoroastrianism
Family members
Head of Tribes House of Viseh
Boysname Piran, Houman

FarshVared, Pilsam

Nastihan, kalbad

Barman, Lahhak
Nationality Turkan

Viseh (Persian: ویسه‎) is son Zadashm and Grandson Tur in Shahnameh. He was the father of Piran and Lieutenant General, and was involved in consultations with the Iranians. After winning the Iran-Turan war, Afrasiab sent him to Pars to take over the royal family of Nowzar.

The capture of Pars City by Viseh [ edit ]

The Iran-Turan War is the first major war between the two governments of Iran and Turan. In this war most of the allies and countries cut off Nowzar and joined Afrasiab. Turan's army was able to occupy the Iranian capital and destroy the King of Iran.

Nowzar had no more than three or four allies in the war, one of whom was the Qaren Ruler of Rey. On the third night of the war, in consultation with the Iranians, Qaren with his army departed from Nowzar castle at night to save the royal family in Pars City.[1] According to the Shahnameh, Viseh had taken over the city of Pars and had captured the royal family.

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ The city of Pars was probably out in reach of the enemy, and the Iranians kept their families there during the war, so that the enemy could not be captured.

Sources [ edit ]

  • Ferdowsi Shahnameh. From the Moscow version. Mohammed Publishing. ISBN 964-5566-35-5

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