Wancheng Town the seat of Wanning
Wancheng Town the seat of Wanning
Map showing entire Qionghai area within Hainan province
Map showing entire Qionghai area within Hainan province
Coordinates: 18°47′0″N110°23′0″E / 18.78333°N 110.38333°E / 18.78333; 110.38333
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hainan
 • Total 4,443 km2 (1,715 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China standard time)
Traditional Chinese 萬寧
Simplified Chinese 万宁
Postal Manning
Literal meaning Uncountably Long Peace
Wanning (1962)

Wanning is a county-level city in the southeast of Hainan Province, China. Although called a "city", Wanning refers to both the county seat and to the entire county as a whole. The county-wide area has an estimated population of 65,871 (2006).

History [ edit ]

Wanning (万宁) first got its current name during the Southern Song Dynasty, after being renamed from Wan'an (万安县). Wanning was later renamed back to Wan'an again in 1143 until its name was changed to Wanzhou (万州) in 1370, but subsequently reverted to its present name after the Communist takeover in the 1950s. It was promoted from a county to a city on August 5, 1996.

Economy [ edit ]

Tourism plays a vital role in the city. Famous for its tropical scenery, Wanning proper lies approximately half an hour's drive from the beach and has several five-star hotels. The city of Wanning produces coffee, black pepper, rubber, rice, bananas, and sugarcane.

Transportation [ edit ]

Wanning is served by the Wanning Railway Station, part of the Hainan East Ring Intercity Rail.

Climate [ edit ]

Wanning is hot most of the year. At times it can become cold with temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius.

References [ edit ]

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Coordinates: 18°48′N110°24′E / 18.800°N 110.400°E / 18.800; 110.400

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