White Elephant (Shahnameh)

White Elephant
Rostam Slays the White Elephant
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White Elephant (Persian: فیل‌ سفید‎) was mentioned in the Shahnameh at the time of Zāl and the tribe in Zablian was caring for it. At this time, Rostam was still a teenager and had not participated in any wars. Rostam's first courage was to kill the white elephant.

Harness Break the elephant [ edit ]

One day Zāl had a party and invited all friends to the celebration. At that celebration, Zāl gave gifts to all of his friends and Gifts were distributed by teenager Rostam. The day was over and the night had come and everyone was drunk and in bed. It seemed like midnight the cries of people everywhere and people were upset.

Rostam woke up sadly and questioned the cause of the noise and was told that the white elephant had been released from the dam and had harmed the people. He hurriedly picked up the Maca and came out to restrain the white elephant. The teenage Rostam has proven himself to be a gladiator by killing the white elephant, so his father persuades him to attack the White Castle and take revenge on them.[1]

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  1. ^ Nariman is known as the Zablian dynasty and he was killed by the inhabitants of the White Castle during the period of Fereydun.

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