Wikipedia:Biography dos and don'ts

Biography articles follow particular rules for consistency and ease of use.

When editing biographies:
Green check.png Use the subject's common name as the article title.
Green check.png State vital years in the lead, after the subject's name.
Green check.png Identify key information in the first paragraph.
Green check.png Use full name in the first sentence, and surname after.
Green check.png Be familiar with the guidance for living persons.
Green check.png Write in the appropriate tense.
Green check.png Put {{authority control}} at the foot; add IDs in Wikidata.

Red x.svgDon't create pages for people who are not notable.
Red x.svgDon'tpromote the subject.
Red x.svgDon't rely on unreliable sources.
Red x.svgDon't make statements that will become out of date.
Red x.svgDon't give undue weight to traits unrelated to notability.
Red x.svgDon't use titles or honorifics with the subject's name.
Red x.svgDon't add the page to inappropriate categories.


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