Wikipedia:Talk dos and don'ts

Discussion is how we get things done – it's vital to do it right!

When involved in discussion:
Green check.png Be familiar with the talk guidelines
Green check.pngSign your messages with "~~~~"
Green check.png Start conversations under a new heading
Green check.pngIndent replies
Green check.pngPing involved parties
Green check.png Be concise
Green check.png Present evidence

Red x.svgDon't be incivil or make it personal
Red x.svgDon't edit other's comments
Red x.svgDon'tcanvas for support elsewhere
Red x.svgDon't go off topic
Red x.svgDon'tduplicate discussions
Red x.svgDon'tclose discussions you are involved in
Red x.svgDon'tEVER make legal threats

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