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WikiProject Brazil is a project to better organize information in articles related to Brazil. This page and its subpages contain resources for improving the coverage of Brazil-related topics and collaborating with other Wikipedians. Please share your ideas, questions, and suggestions on the talk page.

Anyone may join WikiProject Brazil by simply adding your username to the participants page.

Scope [ edit ]

The project is dedicated to improving articles and coverage related to Brazil in a fair and accurate manner, with an emphasis on subjects with national significance. Some project goals are to help improve vital articles, continue developing quality standards, maintain and expand templates, lists, portals, and categories in a manner that helps users browse the articles that fall under this project's scope. Editors are encouraged to participate in the topic-specific task forces.

As of 7 July 2020, there are 34,179 articles within the scope of WikiProject Brazil, of which 54 are featured and 67 are good articles. This makes up 0.560% of the articles on Wikipedia, 0.570% of all featured articles and lists, and 0.210% of all good articles. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etcetera, there are 89,646 pages in the project.

Outside of scope [ edit ]

Often articles will have some connection to Brazil, but would still be considered outside the scope of WikiProject Brazil. Examples include biographical articles about Brazilian nationals whose life or career is mostly outside of Brazil or subjects of a more international scope or scientific nature, such as:

  • plants and animals,
  • geological features,
  • products or brands manufactured or distributed in Brazil by multinational corporations, etc.

The goal of this WikiProject is not to categorize every article that has anything at all to do with Brazil. Often there are more appropriate WikiProjects for an article when the subject is not obviously related to Brazil.

Assessment [ edit ]

Use the template {{WikiProject Brazil}} to add articles to this WikiProject. There are currently 795 unassessed and 1,999 unknown importance articles in the project.

Task forces [ edit ]

The project has a number of task forces that focus on broad subject areas related to Brazil:

Categories [ edit ]

Brazil(12 C, 8 P)
Brazil-related lists(20 C, 4 P)
Brazilian culture(43 C, 8 P)
Economy of Brazil(28 C, 7 P)
Geography of Brazil(23 C, 1 P)
History of Brazil(19 C, 16 P)
Brazilian people(32 C, 3 P)
Politics of Brazil(14 C, 5 P)
Brazilian society(23 C, 4 P)
Images of Brazil(2 C, 25 F)
Brazil stubs(15 C, 16 P)

To-do list [ edit ]

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