Wo Yeung Shan

Wo Yeung Shan
Wo Yeung Shan is located in Hong Kong
Wo Yeung Shan
Wo Yeung Shan
Location of Wo Yang Shan in  Hong Kong
Highest point
Elevation 771 m (2,530 ft)
Location Centre of New Territories, Hong Kong

Wo Yeung Shan (Chinese: 禾秧山), officially known as Wo Yang Shan, is the fifth-highest peak in Hong Kong at a height of 771 metres (2,530 ft). It is located south east of Tai Mo Shan in the New Territories, between Tsuen Wan District and Tai Po District.

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Coordinates: 22°25′03″N114°08′10″E / 22.417609°N 114.135992°E / 22.417609; 114.135992

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