Wong Leng

Wong Leng
Pat Sin Leng and Tai Mei Tuk.jpg
Wong Leng is the ridge to the left of Pat Sin Leng
Highest point
Elevation 639 m (2,096 ft)

Hong Kong Principal Datum Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates 22°29′16″N114°12′33″E / 22.48778°N 114.20917°E / 22.48778; 114.20917Coordinates: 22°29′16″N114°12′33″E / 22.48778°N 114.20917°E / 22.48778; 114.20917
Wong Leng is located in Hong Kong
Wong Leng
Wong Leng
Location of Wong Leng in  Hong Kong

Wong Leng (Chinese: 黃嶺; literally: "Yellow Ridge"[1]) is on section 9 of the Wilson Trail in Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Hong Kong. It is 639 metres tall.[2]

Wong Leng Sunset (The mountain range turns yellowish-red during sunset, hence the name "Yellow Ridge")

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