Wong Shek

Wong Shek, Hong Kong
黃石 | 黃麻地
HK Wong Shek Pier.jpg
View of Wong Shek (hill) and Wong Shek Pier
Highest point
Elevation 90 m (300 ft)
Coordinates 22°25′55.27″N114°20′6.01″E / 22.4320194°N 114.3350028°E / 22.4320194; 114.3350028
Wong Shek, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Wong Shek, Hong Kong
Wong Shek, Hong Kong
Location of Wong Shek in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Wong Shek (Chinese: 黃石), or Wong Ma Tei (Chinese: 黃麻地), is an area in the northern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is under the administration of Tai Po District. In the area, there are picnic facilities with views of the sea. However, to protect the natural environment of Wong Shek, the Government controls the number of vehicle entering the area; a gate is set up at Pak Tam Chung on the way towards Wong Shek, which only allows permitted vehicles to enter. There is also a public pier called "Wong Shek Pier".

Wong Shek

Transportation [ edit ]

The most common way to reach Wong Shek is by bus. There are several bus routes that go to the Wong Shek Pier.

Kowloon Motor Bus [ edit ]

  • Route #94 - from Sai Kung Bus Terminus
  • Route #96R - from Diamond Hill MTR Station (Sundays & Public Holidays only)
  • Route 289R - from Wong Shek Pier (One-way only to Shatin; Sundays & Public Holidays 3-7pm)
Wong Shek Kai-to (ferry)

Kai-to [ edit ]

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