Qibugou, Wu'an
Qibugou, Wu'an
Wu'an in Handan
Wu'an in Handan
Wu'an is located in Hebei
Location in Hebei
Coordinates: 36°41′49″N114°12′14″E / 36.697°N 114.204°E / 36.697; 114.204Coordinates: 36°41′49″N114°12′14″E / 36.697°N 114.204°E / 36.697; 114.204
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hebei
Prefecture-level city Handan
 • County-level city 1,806.0 km2 (697.3 sq mi)
 • Urban
95.00 km2 (36.68 sq mi)
 • County-level city 857,000
 • Urban 247,800
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Chinese 武安
Literal meaning War-&-Peace

Wu'an is a county-level city in the southwest of Hebei Province, China, bordering Shanxi Province to the west. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Handan.

History [ edit ]

People's Republic [ edit ]

In August 1949, Wu'an was one of three counties to be detached from Handan and attached to Pingyuan Province. In 1952, as Pingyuan dissolved, Wu'an returned to Handan.

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

As of 2005, Wu'an had a population of approximately 66,000.[2]

Towns [ edit ]

Wu'an Town (武安镇), Kang'ercheng (康二城镇), Niuji (午汲镇), Cishan (磁山镇), Baiyan (伯延镇), Shucun (淑村镇), Datong, Wu'an (大同镇), Yicheng (邑城镇), Kuangshan (矿山镇), Hejin (贺进镇), Yangyi (阳邑镇), Paihui (徘徊镇), Yetao (冶陶镇)

Townships [ edit ]

Shangtuancheng Township (上团城乡), Bei'anzhuang Township (北安庄乡), Bei'anle Township (北安乐乡), Xitushan Township (西土山乡), Xisizhuang Township (西寺庄乡), Huoshui Township (活水乡), Shidong Township (石洞乡), Guantao Township (管陶乡), Majiazhuang Township (马家庄乡)

References [ edit ]

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