Wugang, Henan


Wugang is located in Henan
Location in Henan
Coordinates: 33°17′42″N113°31′37″E / 33.29500°N 113.52694°E / 33.29500; 113.52694Coordinates: 33°17′42″N113°31′37″E / 33.29500°N 113.52694°E / 33.29500; 113.52694
Country People's Republic of China
Province Henan
Prefecture-level city Pingdingshan
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Wugang (simplified Chinese: 舞钢; traditional Chinese: 舞鋼; pinyin: Wǔgāng) is a county-level city in the south-central part of Henan province, China, administrated by Pingdingshan prefecture-level city. It has a population of approximately 320,000. It is home to one of China's biggest iron and steel companies: Wuyang Iron and Steel Company Limited, Hangang Group. Longquan Lake (Shimantan Reservoir) is located at the foot of the city with beautiful mountains surrounding it. This place has now become a hot tourist destination to neighbouring cities and provinces. The city region comprises three geological areas including Sipo, Yakou and Zhulan.

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