Xindu District


Xindu is located in Sichuan
Location in Sichuan
Coordinates: 30°48′45″N104°10′25″E / 30.8125°N 104.1735°E / 30.8125; 104.1735Coordinates: 30°48′45″N104°10′25″E / 30.8125°N 104.1735°E / 30.8125; 104.1735[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Sichuan
Sub-provincial city Chengdu
 • Total 497 km2 (192 sq mi)
 • Total 775,703
 • Density 1,613/km2 (4,180/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Chengdu district map

Xindu District (simplified Chinese: 新都区; traditional Chinese: 新都區; pinyin: Xīndū Qū; lit.: 'new capital or new Chengdu') is one of 11 urban districts of the prefecture-level city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, Southwest China, covering part of the northern suburbs. It borders the prefecture-level city of Deyang to the north. The population of the district is 600,000, residing in an area of 481 square kilometres (186 sq mi), only 32.6 km2 (12.6 sq mi) of which is part of the city's urban area. Xindu District was founded as an administrative district in 2001. It is a historical and cultural region encompassing 13 towns and 255 villages.

Nicknames [ edit ]

Xindu District is known as the "Tianfu Pearl" (天府明珠) and "Fragrant City" (香城).

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References [ edit ]

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