Xishan Island

Xishan Island (Chinese: 西山岛) is a part of Suzhou (苏州)[1] It's the largest island in Lake Tai[2] covering an area of 79.8 square kilometers. There are 72 mountains in Taihu County, with 41 of them located in Xishan Island. The highest mountain, Piaomiao Mountain (缥缈峰),[3] is 336.6 meters high and also belongs to Xishan Island.

The official name of Xishan Island derived from Xishan Town (西山镇)[4] but on June 28, 2007, it was changed to Jinting Town (金庭镇).

To develop a local tourism industry, Xishan Scenic Zone (西山风景区)[5] was founded. There are lots of natural landscapes in Xishan Island, including Shigongshan (石公山),[6] Linwudong (林屋洞),[7] Mingyuewan (明月湾),[8] Baoshansi (包山寺),[9] Xiangxuehai (香雪海),[10] and so on.

Apart from these tourist attractions, Xishan Island is also well known for producing a variety of fruits. Visitors to Xishan Island can enjoy seasonal fruits such as plums, waxberries. oranges, loquats, peaches and so on.

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