Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County

Xundian County

寻甸县 · ثٌدِیًا شِیًا
ثٌدِیًا خُوِذُو یِذُو ذِجِشِیًا
Location of Xundian County (pink) and Kunming City (yellow) within Yunnan
Location of Xundian County (pink) and Kunming City (yellow) within Yunnan
Country People's Republic of China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture-level city Kunming
Established 1956
 • Total 3,699 km2 (1,428 sq mi)
 • Total 500,000
 • Density 140/km2 (350/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (CST)
Postal code
Area code(s) 0871

Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County (simplified Chinese: 寻甸回族彝族自治县; traditional Chinese: 尋甸回族彝族自治縣; pinyin: Xúndiàn Huízú Yízú Zìzhìxiàn; Xiao'erjing: ثٌدِیًا خُوِذُو یِذُو ذِجِشِیًا‎) is an autonomous county in the northeast-central part of Yunnan province, China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Kunming, the provincial capital.

Geography [ edit ]

Xundian lies northeast of the center of Yunnan. The Niulan River (牛栏江) flows through its territory.

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Xundian is divided into one subdistrict: Rende 仁德街道; nine towns: Yangjie 羊街镇, Kedu 柯渡镇, Tangdian 倘甸镇, Gongshan 功山镇, Hekou 河口镇, Qixing 七星镇, Xianfeng 先锋镇, Jijie 鸡街镇, Fenghe 凤合镇; and four townships: Liushao 六哨乡, Lianhe 联合乡, Jinyuan 金源乡, and Diansha 甸沙乡.[1]

Ethnic groups [ edit ]

Yi ethnic subgroups in Xundian County are Black Yi 黑彝, White Yi 白彝, and Dry Yi 干彝 (Xundian County Gazetteer 1999:118). Black Yi and White Yi are widespread, while Dry Yi is restricted to Gongshan Town 功山镇 and Hekou Township 河口乡.

Other ethnic groups in Xundian are Miao (Big Flowery Miao 大花苗 subgroup), Hui, and Han (Xundian County Gazetteer 1999).

Industrial Parks [ edit ]

  • Xundian Special Industrial Park

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References [ edit ]

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