Yelü Xiuge

Yelü Xiuge
Born unknown
Died 998
Full name
Family name: Yēlǜ ()

Given name: Xiūgē ()

Courtesy name: Xùnníng ()
Father Yelü Wansi (耶律綰思)

Yelü Xiuge (耶律休哥) (died 998) was an important Khitan general and politician in ancient China's Liao Dynasty. He commanded a disciplined army and fought the Song forces for several decades, taking care to not harm any innocent individual. The History of Liao records that adults in Song Dynasty would yell "Here comes Yuyue (于越; Yelü Xiuge's title)!" to stop children from crying.

Yelü Xiuge's tomb was discovered in 2002 in Fuxin, Liaoning Province of China.[1]

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