Yi Tung Shan

Yi Tung Shan
Yi Tung Shan.JPG
View of Yi Tung Shan
Highest point
Elevation 747 m (2,451 ft)
Coordinates 22°15′34″N113°58′0″E / 22.25944°N 113.96667°E / 22.25944; 113.96667Coordinates: 22°15′34″N113°58′0″E / 22.25944°N 113.96667°E / 22.25944; 113.96667
Yi Tung Shan is located in Hong Kong
Yi Tung Shan
Yi Tung Shan
Location of Yi Tung Shan in  Hong Kong

Yi Tung Shan (Chinese: 二東山) is the seventh highest hill in Hong Kong. It is situated east of Sunset Peak on Lantau Island, and is 747 m tall.[1] While Sunset Peak's Chinese name Tai Tung Shan (869m) literally means "Big East Mountain" in the Cantonese language, this mountain's name Yi Tung Shan (747m) means "Second East Mountain". Stage 2 of Lantau Trail runs along north side of its peak.[2]

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