Yingshan County, Hubei

Yingshan County

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View near Yangliuwan
Yingshan is located in Hubei
Location of the seat in Hubei
Coordinates (Yingshan government): 30°44′06″N115°40′52″E / 30.735°N 115.681°E / 30.735; 115.681Coordinates: 30°44′06″N115°40′52″E / 30.735°N 115.681°E / 30.735; 115.681
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hubei
Prefecture-level city Huanggang
 • Total 1,449 km2 (559 sq mi)
 • Total 357,296
 • Density 250/km2 (640/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Website 英山政府网 (Yingshan Government Website) (in Simplified Chinese)

Yingshan County (simplified Chinese: 英山; traditional Chinese: 英山; pinyin: Yīngshān Xiàn) is one of the seven counties governed by the prefecture-level city of Huanggang, Hubei, located on the eastern edge of the province, adjoining Anhui, and encompassing the southwestern portion of the Dabie Mountains. The county covers an area of 1,449 square kilometres (559 sq mi) and governs, as of 2004, 409,601 people[citation needed] in 11 towns and townships.

History [ edit ]

Yingshan is famous as the birthplace of Bi Sheng,[2] the inventor of movable-type printing technology in the 11th century, which is regarded as one of ancient China's Four Great Inventions. Communist guerrillas were active in the area in the early period of their insurgency, and the 27th Corps of the Red Army was set up there. It was also the point of departure for the 25th Corps on the Communists' Long March to Yan'an.[citation needed]

Geography [ edit ]

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Yingshan County administers eight towns and three townships:[3][4][5][6]

# Name Chinese (S)
1 Wenquan 温泉
2 Nanhe 南河
3 Hongshan 红山
4 Jinjiapu 金家铺
5 Shitouzui 石头咀 (石头嘴镇)
6 Caopandi 草盘地
7 Leijiadian 雷家店
8 Yangliuwan 杨柳湾
9 Fangjiazui 方家咀 (方家嘴乡)
10 Kongjiafang 孔家坊
11 Taojiahe 陶家河
12 Taohuachong Forestry Area 桃花冲 林场
13 Wujiashan Forestry Area 吴家山 林场
14 Wufengshan Forestry Area 五峰山 林场
15 Yingshan County Economic Development District 英山县 经济开发区

Economy [ edit ]

The county is rich in natural resources and produces tea, silk, herbs, chestnuts, and granite. Yingshan is the leading producer of Green Tea in Hubei and the fourth largest tea producer in China. There are four hot water springs in Yingshan town, with the water temperature recorded up to 71 Celsius degrees. [citation needed]

Transportation [ edit ]

Gallery [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

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