Yuen Chau Kok

View of Yuen Chau Kok from Shing Mun River
Buildings in Yuen Chau Kok
Yuen Chau Kok Park

Yuen Chau Kok (Chinese: 圓洲角) is an area in Sha Tin District, New Territories, Hong Kong, near Sha Tin Road and Prince of Wales Hospital and is within walking distance of City One Station of the MTR Ma On Shan Line. Before reclamation work in the 1970s, the area was an island in Tide Cove.[citation needed]

The island was a major station for travellers and goods plying between Guangdong and Kowloon. Wong Uk Village (王屋村) was a trading station for merchants and travellers until the late 19th century. Most of the old buildings of the village were ruined or demolished due to the reclamation of Tide Cove for the development of the Sha Tin New Town.[1]

One branch of Tse village of Sha Tin Wai, also relocated to Yuen Chau Kok and built their own village over there.[2]

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Coordinates: 22°23′00″N114°11′58″E / 22.383294°N 114.199319°E / 22.383294; 114.199319

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