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Zhudong Township


Zhudong Township in Hsinchu County
Zhudong Township in Hsinchu County
Country Taiwan
County Hsinchu County
 • Township Magistrate Xu Zhao-zhang (KMT)
 (December 2014)
 • Total 96,059
Zhudong Township
Chinese 竹東鎮
Hanyu Pinyin Zhúdōng Zhèn
Wade–Giles Chu2-tung1 Chen4
Pha̍k-fa-sṳ Chuk-tûng-chṳ́n
Hokkien POJ Tek-tang-tìn
Downtown Zhudong
Zhudong Township office

Zhudong Township[1] is an urban township in central Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Part of Hsinchu Science Park is in Zhudong. Also located in Zhudong is the main campus of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Zhudong is approximately 20 minutes drive from Hsinchu town center on one of two freeways, route 3 North, which passes nearby and route 68 East which proceeds directly through Zhudong.[2]

Name [ edit ]

Literally, Zhudong means "bamboo east" but in this context, zhu is short for "Hsinchu". Thus, Zhudong lies east of Hsinchu (cf. Zhubei which lies north [bei] of Hsinchu.) The former name of the area was Chhiū-kí-nâ (樹杞林), literally "Ardisia sieboldii [zh] forest" with the present name adopted under Japanese rule in 1920.

Geography [ edit ]

Map of Zhudong (labeled as Chikutō) and surrounding area (1944)
Map including Zhudong (labeled as Chu-tung (Chikutō) 竹東) (1954)
  • Area: 53.51 km2 (20.66 sq mi)
  • Population: 96,831 (January 2017)[3]

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Shangping, Ruifeng, Ruanqiao, Yuandong, Shangguan, Dongning, Zhongzheng, Daxiang, Zhongshan, Nanhua, Donghua, Shanghua, Jilin, Renai, Zhudong, Zhongxiao, Rongle, Ronghua, Wufeng, Liufeng, Sanchong, Erchong, Touchong, Yuanshan and Kehu Village.

Tourist attractions [ edit ]

Nearby is the mountain of Feifong Shan and Buddhist temples. A well-prepared path with steps and tiled and wooden walkways enables walking to the peak and the ridge overlooking Zhudong in all weather.

Transportation [ edit ]

Rail [ edit ]

Zhudong Station

Four TRA rail stations serve Zhudong: Ronghua, Shangyuan, Zhudong and Zhuzhong.

Bus [ edit ]

Bus stations in the townships are:

  • Xiagongguan Bus Station of Hsinchu Bus
  • Zhudong Bus Station of Hsinchu Bus

Notable natives [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

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