Zhujia, Tibet


Village and former township
Zhujia is located in Tibet
Location within Tibet
Coordinates: 29°55′40″N91°4′37″E / 29.92778°N 91.07694°E / 29.92778; 91.07694Coordinates: 29°55′40″N91°4′37″E / 29.92778°N 91.07694°E / 29.92778; 91.07694
Country China
Region Tibet
Prefecture Lhasa Prefecture
County Lhünzhub County
 • Major Nationalities
 • Regional dialect
Tibetan language
Time zone +8

Zhujia (Tibetan: གྲུབ་བརྒྱ།, Chinese: 朱加) is a village in Lhünzhub County in the Lhasa Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region, in China. It lies 25.5 kilometres (15.8 mi) by road west of Lhünzhub, near Hutoushan Reservoir.[1] By road it is 90 kilometres (56 mi) from Lhasa, but considerably nearer to the north as the road forks around much further to the east first before approaching Lhünzhub and Zhujia.[1] It appears to have been a township of Lhünzhub County, covering 126 square kilometers, with a population of 4000 at one point, with 12 village committees.[2][3] However, the National Bureau of Statistics now lists Zhujia as a village and no longer as an official township-level division of Lhünzhub County.[4]

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