Zitong County

Zitong County

Zitong Panoramic
Zitong Panoramic
Location of Zitong County (red) within Mianyang City (yellow) and Sichuan
Location of Zitong County (red) within Mianyang City (yellow) and Sichuan
Coordinates: 31°38′35″N105°10′16″E / 31.643°N 105.171°E / 31.643; 105.171Coordinates: 31°38′35″N105°10′16″E / 31.643°N 105.171°E / 31.643; 105.171
Country People's Republic of China
Province Sichuan
Prefecture-level city Mianyang
 • Total 1,438 km2 (555 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Zitong County (Chinese: 梓潼县; pinyin: Zǐtóng Xiàn) is a county in the northeast of Sichuan Province, China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Mianyang.

It has an area of 1,438 km2 (555 sq mi), and a population of 380,000 in 2002. Its seat is 172 km (107 mi) from Chengdu, and 49 km (30 mi) from Mianyang. It was made a county as early as B.C. 285, in Qin Dynasty[citation needed].

Famous people include: Sima Xiangru, Pu Fuzhou, Hai Deng, Li Youxing.

Historical sites [ edit ]

Zitong has three historical sites listed in the official list of Chinese national historic sites.:[1]

  • Qiqushan temple (Qiqushan damiao, 七曲山大庙)
  • Liye tower (Liye que, 李业阙)
  • Wolongshan temple (Wolong shan Qianfo yan shiku, 卧龙山千佛岩石窟)

Earthquake 2008 [ edit ]

Zitong, like neighbouring counties, was located near the epicentre of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.[2] Zitong was partly destroyed, the infrastructure was destroyed drinking water was not available.

Also the Qiqushan Temple, who is since 1996 on the official list of Chinese national historical sites was partly destroyed by the earthquake.[3]

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